Medical Products

Disposable Roll Stretcher Cover

Disposable Roll Stretcher Cover

Roll Stretcher Cover Perforated 60cmx100mt

Saylex Ultrasound Gel

Saylex Ultrasound Ecg And Laser Hair Removal Gel 1 Lt

  • Ultrasound, Effort applications, ECG electrodes, Epilation applications etc. It is used in many areas.
  • It is not affected by salt in the body during use.
  • Hypoallergenic, does not irritate the skin.
  • Easy to clean, does not contain oil and oily substances.
  • It has no toxic effect, odourless, suitable for all skins.
Medicenz Bariyer Krem mendil
Inkontitans Pad Wipes with Barrier Cream 50li
  • It forms a barrier layer to protect the skin of patients with special needs such as limited mobility, bedridden and intensive care patients from external factors. It provides complete body care for such non-washable patients.
  • Barrier cream is effective. Cleans, softens and relaxes.
  • Contains aloe vera.
  • It has a barrier effect.
  • Nourishes the skin with vitamin E.
  • Latex, lanolin, paraben and alcohol free.
  • Refreshes the skin with chamomile extract.
  • Suitable for use with microwave.
  • Shelf life is 2 years under normal conditions. The unpacked product should be used within 3 months.
  • There are 50 wipes in the package.
Sterile Reinforced - Standard Surgical Gowns

Sterile Reinforced Surgical Gown

  • The materials used in the gowns are made of medical grade materials.
  • These extra protective gowns have an additional layer of absorbent material from wrist to elbow and over the front.
  • Ideal for longer procedures and those involving large amounts of fluids.
    They are ideal for heavy procedures where overlapping and bidirectional contamination of surgeon and patient may occur.

Sterile Standard Surgical Gown

  • Apron fabric allows the skin to breathe
  • Removes alcohol, blood and similar body fluids from the environment
  • He won’t let it go to the bottom.
elastik bandaj
Elastic Bandage

Elastic Bandage

Use for fixation after sprains, fractures, dislocations, muscle tears, traumas and surgical interventions

Technical Specifications
⦁ Dimensions; 10 cm x 150 cm (Option; 15 cm x 150 cm)
⦁ Special texture against allergies and itching
⦁ Safe winding on all parts of the body

kol askı 2
Arm Sling Strap

It is used to suspend the arm and immobilise the shoulder after the operation. It is used to rest the shoulder joint, humerus and elbow.

Product Structure
Made of woven cotton fabric. Hanger length 90 cm. Available in sizes from S to XL.


Size Chart (Arm Length)
S: 25 – 30 cm
M: 30 – 35 cm
L: 35 – 40 cm
XL: 40 – 45 cm

Black Patella Supported Knee Brace

It is recommended to protect the patella and side ligaments It is also used with the doctor’s recommendation in knee side ligament injuries, ligament ruptures, before and after surgery. Restricts the movement of the knee cap (patella) Saves the side ligaments from the load given by the body Prevents the reverse movement of the knee cap.

boyunluk sünger
Sponge Neck Collar

Thanks to its anatomical structure, it provides comfortable support to the neck area. Keeps the neck area warm during use. It helps the patient during treatment by restricting the movements in the neck area. MR compatible.

Neck hernias
Muscle strains
Muscle spasms
Degenerative changes following cervical traum


*Mild ligament injuries and instability,
*In joint inflammations and calcifications,
*It is used for protective and supportive purposes after surgery and injury.

A specialist physician report with the signature of the hospital chief physician issued by a physical medicine and rehabilitation or orthopedics and traumatology specialist physician is required.

Unsized Product

Knitted Silicone Supported Elbow Brace

It is made of breathable, flexible knitted fabric and anatomically designed.
On both sides of the elbow, there are droplet silicone pads that provide compression.
Local compression reduces tendon tension and therefore pain.


Golfer’s elbow
Tennis elbow

uyku bandı
Satin Black Sleep Blindfold
  • The Sleep Band is designed and manufactured from crystal satin fabric to fit your face.
  • It has a comfortable touch feeling with the delicate touch of satin fabric.
  • With its light-blocking feature, the eye patch protects you from light that disturbs the eyes and offers a comfortable and comfortable sleep experience.
  • It does not press with its rubber specially selected for the product and offers a comfortable sleep experience.
  • It accelerates the transition to sleep by creating the ideal darkness.
  • Basically, it minimises the light effect and increases melatonin secretion, which provides a deep and comfortable sleep.
  • The inner filling is fibre.
  • Both sides of the sleeping band are made of the same colour satin fabric.
  • It does not irritate the skin with its soft structure. It is very comfortable and comfortable to use.
  • The length of the rubber part of the product is 60 cm when stretched. It is produced using knitted rubber, which is a softer rubber type, to prevent squeezing and discomfort. In order to understand the difference, woven rubber is preferred instead of knitted rubber in our products such as buckles and bonnets that require a tighter grip.
  • It has a unisex design suitable for both men and women.
  • With the ideal width and filling structure of the eye part, there is no light transmittance.
    offers a comfortable sleep.
omuz destek
Shoulder Support


Mild degrees of shoulder dislocations, dislocated shoulder and inflammatory conditions of the shoulder region.
Mechanism of Action
A protective position for the shoulder complex, soft tissues around the shoulder
proprioceptive feedback, proprioceptive feedback, advanced level formation with pressure provided in the shoulder area.
Easy and quick on and off, practical velcro and adjustable elastic band system, perfect anatomical structure wrapping around the upper arm and shoulder


Foldable Manual Wheelchair

Companion Brake Manual use Economically priced Easily foldable Antibacterial fabric Back Pocket Safety Belt Safety Brake Padded front and rear wheels PRODUCT DIMENSIONS Seating Width: 45 cm Seat Depth: 44 cm Seat Height (from the floor): 50 cm Back Height: 38 cm Armrest Height: 23 cm Foot Height: 37-46 cm (adjustable) Product Width: 70 cm (including 24 inch rear wheels) Product Length: 106 cm Product Height: 92 cm Length without legs 73 cm Folded Dimensions 75*26*77 cm Carrying Capacity (Max.): 110 kg Product Weight: 13 kg

Acil Durum Termal Battaniye
Emergency Thermal Blanket XL - 160x210 cm

– Life-sustaining blanket protects from heat, cold and moisture in emergency situations
– It helps to resist possible hypothermia and maintain body temperature.
– The gold-coloured part on the outer surface traps heat to keep you warm, maintains body temperature, protects from wind and moisture, and fights against hypothermia.
– The silver-coloured part on the outer surface keeps cool and maintains coolness (car, tent, etc.).
– Weight: 65 gr , Size: 160 X 210 cm , Thickness: 20 µm , Material: Aluminium

Do not cover your head with a blanket in case of suffocation. Do not use in storms, near flammable materials and medical equipment.

Ceset Torbası
Body Bag

Product Description


Hasta Transfer
Patient Transport Mattress Portable Stretcher Transfer Tarpaulin

75 x 200 Cm
It is designed to carry patients in a comfortable and ergonomic way and transport safety is at the highest level.
In our patient transfer mattress product, it is produced with the principle of evenly distributing the weight on the stretcher by mounting the carrying handles together instead of the fastening method to increase the safety of transport.
It is suitable for transferring the patient by sliding method with its high strength and slippery special fabric laminated with PVC.

130 Kg Carrying Capacity

– 1100 Denier Canvas Fabric
– 4 cm Wide Carrying Belts
– 25mm Safety Lock
– Extra Reinforcing Envelope Sewing System
– Product Weight: 650 Grams

First Aid Tourniquet

Useful structure for stopping life-threatening bleeding and preventing blood loss in major traumatic injuries to the extremities.

Technical Specifications
⦁ Package dimensions: 16 cm x 9 cm
⦁ Column length: 111 cm
⦁ Weight: 102 gr
⦁ Length of capstan arm: 12.5 cm, diameter: 13 mm
⦁ Triangle fixing bracket
⦁ Can be applied with one hand

Disposable White Coverall

It is offered for sale for use in health institutions, food production places and other working environments that require hygiene. It is used to protect against infectious viruses and microorganisms.

Product features
Manufactured in accordance with EN 14126 standard.
Protective overalls are laminated.
Domestic production.

kol askısı 30 derece
Arm Strap 30 Degree

It is a 30-degree angle padded arm sling. It is made of sponge fabric and thanks to its design, it ensures that the patient’s arm is fixed parallel to the ground close to the body. Suitable for left and right arm use.

Indications: It can be used in rotator cuff muscle tears, shoulder arthritis, rehabilitation processes after shoulder implant prosthesis application and rehabilitation processes after frozen shoulder atroscopy.

kol askısı 60 derece
Arm Strap 60 Degree

It is made of fabric with towel on the inside and surface and sponge on the outside. It provides immobilisation at 45 -60 degrees abduction to the shoulder. It prevents adhesion after surgery. It helps mobilisation and rehabilitation.

Clavicula Bandajı
Clavicula Bandage

Clavicula bandage is used as a fixative bandage for clavicula fractures. The desired tension is easily achieved with stepless velcro adjustment.

Indications: In shoulder injuries, clavicula fractures, posture disorders. Made of terry cloth with Eva support.

Fitilli El bilek Ateli Neopren
Neoprene Wrist Splint

It provides immobilization of the wrist in a painful situation. It inhibits movement of the wrist by Palmar aluminum support. It provides better stabilization with wrist bandage.

Neopren Baş Parmak Destekli El Bilek Ateli
Neoprene (Thumb Supported) Hand Wrist Splint

Stabilizes the carpometacarpal and metacarpophalangeal joins of the thumb. It provides stabilization in cases of carpel tunnel syndrome and wrist pain.

Neopren El Bilek Ateli
Wrist Splint Neoprene

The static hand wrist splint (made of neoprene fabric), is designed to be compatible for both the right and left hand. It stabilizes your wrist in a position that aligns with the natural physiological structure of your wrist.

Airtex (Thumb Supported) Hand Wrist SplintL
Airtex (Thumb Supported) Hand Wrist Splint

It stabilizes the carpometacarpal and metacarpophalangeal joins of the thumb. It provides stabilization in cases of carpel tunnel syndrome and wrist pain. It is made of special breathable perforated airtex fabric.

Fitilli El bilek Ateli Neopren
Neoprene Corded Hand Wrist Splint

It enables immobilization of the wrist in pain. Inhibist movement of wrist the palmar aluminium.

Fitilli El bilek Ateli Airtex
Airtex Corded Hand Wrist Splint

It provides immobilization of the wrist in a painful situation. It inhibits movement of the wrist by Palmar aluminum support. It provides better stabilization with wrist bandage.

Epikondilit Bandajı
Epicondylitis Bandage

It provides local compression and reduce ache on the tendon with special pad. It is designed as suitable for use on both sides. It accelerates blood circulation and maintains body temperature.

Indications: Golfer’s elbow, Tennis elbow