1. Supply of Branded and Generic Drugs:
• Provision of branded and generic medications approved by the Ministry of Health.
• In-depth information on treatment options.
2. Diabetes Management and Products:
• Distribution of glucose meters, strips, and other diabetes-related products.
• Offering diabetes management training and counseling services.
3. Medical Supply:
• Distribution of needles, first aid kits, wheelchairs, and various medical supplies.
• Providing guidance on the proper use and care of medical supplies.
4. Cosmetic and Dermocosmetic Products:
• Supplying reliable cosmetic and dermocosmetic products, including fillers, facial, and hair care items.
• Offering special products for aesthetic services.
5. Cold Chain Logistics:
• Handling the transport and storage of pharmaceuticals and other sensitive products within specific temperature ranges.
• Providing technical details and solutions related to cold chain logistics.
6. Hospital Equipment and Devices:
• Procurement of hospital equipment, devices, and medical technology products.
• Offering guidance on the use and maintenance of medical devices.
7. OTC (Over-the-Counter) Products:
• Distribution of over-the-counter medicines and health products.
• Providing information on the use and interactions of OTC products.

Medicenz Pharma Drug Warehouse can supply any product approved by the Ministry of Health and authorized for sale based on your requests.

Thanks to our transparent business approach, you can apply for the products provided by Medicenz Pharma Drug Warehouse and obtain detailed information about them.

You can utilize the ITS application for medication safety – https://its.tiga.com.tr/. TR and ENG options are available for placing your orders through our company.